The prestigious radio channel RNE (Radio Nacional de España), and in particular from its program “MARCA ESPAÑA” contacted our company being interested in our high quality leather golf goods. This program has as a main purpose make public “Marca España” abroad, through its Exterior Radio. The name of Real Leather Studio is always linked to innovation and internationalization so that, the best way to present our high quality leather goods to the world is by making this radio interview to our Manager, Jesús Moreno.

We talked about all the different points of our company, from the creation in 1984, to the different high quality leather golf bags that we have launched to the market, from the high quality leathers and materials we use to create our exclusive items to of course our internationalization.

Real Leather Studio in RNE

Real Leather Studio in RNE

Our professional concern and to be located in one of the most important places for Golf in the World, brought us to develop a special collection for this sport. In 1996, we made a complete collection of high quality leather goods for Golf, something that made us the first company in the world. This gave us a great success and made us to be presented in the RYDER CUP in 1997 in Valderrama (Cádiz), Spain. From that moment, we work making merchandising and customised items for different events and sponsor.  We are proud to be present in important golf courses and to collaborate in many European and American Tours.

radio exterior Marca España Leather Goods

Radio Exterior – Marca España – Leather Goods

Presentation of our company from RTVE: “Real Leather Studio started its long way in making high quality leather goods in the 80s. From that moment, they started to innovate with leather and nowadays they have an exclusive golf collection”

Its localization, Ubrique, is exceptional since, if you remember, it is the heart of goof leather in the world. This is the reason why all the products, including high quality leather golf ones, have the longest durability. All the items are also handmade.

They have loyal customers through all Europe and now, they are trying to expand to new countries like: USA, Australia, Oceania and Japan. Its location in the province of Cádiz, is also an important value, since one of the most important points in Cádiz it is that is known also by golf.

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