Real Leather Studio golf bags used by excellent golf players

For us it is a pleasure that great players of the European and American circuit use our exclusive leather golf bags.
Back in 1998, we had the pleasure that the great spanish golfer Severiano Ballesteros received one of our leather golf bags as a gift. We will always have that day in our memory. It is […]

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Real Leather Studio in

Real Leather Studio has been manufacturing golf leather products since 1996. It is very important for us to appear on the GOLF INDUSTRIA platform.
In it we have a small space or profile where we talk about our company and our products.

We hope you like it!

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Interview with Real Leather Studio at RNE.

The famous Spanish radio station, RNE (National Radio of Spain), and more specifically from its program “MARCA ESPAÑA” contacted our company, interested in our leather articles dedicated to the world of golf. The main function of this program is to publicize and promote the “Marca España” abroad, through its Radio Exterior. The name of Real […]

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Interview with Real Leather Studio in Libertad FM.

From the famous Spanish radio station LIBERTAD FM and more specifically from its program “PECADOS VENIALES” they contacted us with an interest in our exclusive golf bags made of leather. The main function of this program is to publicize Spanish companies and promote the “Spain Brand” among its listeners. The name of Real Leather Studio […]

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Our leather golf bags among the best 5 in Europe!

The prestigious golf portal Bogey Mag has published a news item in which it adds us to a list of the 5 best leather golf bags in Europe.
It is a pleasure for us to appear in this list since other companies of great international recognition appear.


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Real Leather Studio in Robb Report Magazine

The prestigious lifestyle magazine Robb Report contacted us to publish a short report about one of our exclusive golf bags.
In the report they talk about the characteristics of the golf bag and the exclusivity of the product.

Real Leather Studio in the fashion portal Style and Luxury

It is always a pleasure for us that a digital fashion portal such as Style and Luxury contacts us to be able to show a small summary of our work on its pages.
In the report they talk about our leather products, their manufacturing process and Ubrique.


Real Leather Studio in Ego Magazine (Hearst)

Our exclusive leather golf bags are back in a magazine!
This time it was for the lifestyle magazine Ego Hearst. On one of its pages our 2801 travel golf bag appears in brown.

Real Leather Studio in the newspaper “The Economist”

More and more national and international media (television, press and radio) are interested in our company. More specifically for our leather golf bags.

This is the case of journalist Agustín Velasco. We met him months ago thanks to a mini report he made for the El Mundo newspaper. He is a close person, very professional, and […]

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Interview from Real Leather Studio in COPE. Cope Chic Programme.

From COPE, the famous Spanish radio channel, and more specifically from the “COPE CHIC” programme, we were contacted inquiring about our exclusive leather golf bags. The main function of this programme is to present Spanish companies, and promote slogan “Made in Spain” among the listeners. The name Real Leather Studio will always be joined to […]

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