Our leather products handmade by our craftsmen are fashionable in Europe. This time it has been recognized by the car brand Saab which has been in contact with us to make a complete collection of golfing made in high quality leather. In the new monthly magazine you can see all our products and you will also find an extensive catalogue where appears many high quality products coming from all over the world. It also contains news about cars, racing drivers’ interviews and a wide space for its different car models.

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Saab Magazine

In a privileged place of the magazine are some of our most significant items: our leather golf bags, our leather briefcase, our vanity leather case, our leather multifunction bag, our leather backpack and our stylish shoe leather bag.

Magazine I

Travel Leather Bags in Saab Magazine

Travel Leather Bags in Saab Magazine


Magazine II

Luxury Leathe Goods in Saab Magazine

Luxury Leather Goods in Saab Magazine


Magazine III

Luxury Leather Goods manufacturer in Spain in Saab Magazine

Luxury Leather Goods manufacturer in Spain in Saab Magazine

Our professional curiosity has caused we investigate and develop our accessories collection for Golf, being the first Spanish company that has developed this idea by making designs for this famous sport and making a huge range of different accessories for it. This collection had a great success in the RYDER CUP celebrated in Valderrama Golf Club in 1997. We also create high quality leather accessories such us: leather head cover, leather wallet, leather bag tag, leather score cards, leather shoe bag, leather loop, leather multifunction bags, leather travel golf case, leather tee holder

Our main issue is to fulfill our customers aims this is the reason why Real Leather Studio offers customization as part of our production process in all our high quality leather goods.

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