Real Leather Studio continues growing internationally. The prestigious magazine Passagen, one of the most important German magazines specialised on fashion, travels and accessories, has showed in its last edition some of our high quality leather golf bags.

We are delighted that our European partners appreciate our Spanish handcrafted, and in a deeper way our Spanish handcrafted products.

Passagen Magazine

On its pages you will find an extensive catalogue where you can see extensive reports on cities, companies and products from all over the world. It also contains news on current trends, celebrity interviews, companies, etc.

Real Leather Studio is present on the German market fifteen years ago, and we love our leather goods are so much appreciated there because it is a very demanding market regarding the quality of the products. It is always nice for a business to have their leather goods recognized in a foreign country, and above all they have accepted each year.


We would like to recommend visiting the website of our friend Igel Gesa Müller ( You can buy much more of our leather golf goods online, including the leather golf bags that appear in the magazine.

Our Leather Golf Bags

Our Leather Golf Bags

Our Leather Golf Bags

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