On Thursday, March 31, 2022, the Andalusian Leather Technological Center Foundation (Movex) hosted the presentation of Ubrique’s new quality emblem, Ubriquality. The objective of this new brand is “to promote the international excellence of Ubrique leather goods”. The mayor, Isabel Gómez; the president of the Movex Foundation, Cristóbal de Piña; the president of Asopiel, José Montiel; and the representative of “by Piel Escuela de Artesanos”, Juan Enrique Gutiérrez.


In statements to El Periodico de Ubrique, the manager of Movex, Javier Gallego, explained that Ubriquality is “an umbrella brand for, initially, the joint promotion of the leather sector and in a second step we want all establishments to join hotel commercials that generate an experience for the visitor, especially for the professional visitor who comes to Ubrique to develop their collections for the world’s luxury fashion brands”.


For her part, the mayor, Isabel Gómez, told this media outlet that in this act “we are congratulating the entire leather sector that in its unity around the umbrella brand, which is to make quality in leather the vehicle driver, the tool for the rest of the economic sectors to identify with that quality and that in Ubrique we continue to be what represents us, which is neither more nor less than quality”.



Vídeo Presentación UbriQuality