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The properties of leather have been appreciated along history. From its use to dress and shelter in around 30.000 years ago, almost all the different civilizations have made use of leather.

In times of the Roman Empire it was even a cause for the Cartago War, and later, the Arabians were also great handler of leather.

The modern techniques to tan leather, let us obtaining different ends that fulfils the request of the market. Without a doubt whatsoever, our leathers are more than the leather used in the past as a framework. It is something unique that is always fashionable, a natural product with a high quality.

Real Leather Studio defend the ecologic tan, so that we use leathers that fulfils the European Laws, without synthetic additives and always asking our providers not to have a negative certifies. We want to emphasize that no animal is sacrified to be use just for its leather, but the meat industry is which gives us our main raw material.

The leather we use more to make our products is cowskin but we also make use of the lambskin and goatskin leathers.

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