About Real Leather Studio luxury leather goods in Spain

We dedicate all our work to continue this tradition, with pride and care and complementing it with the most modern techniques in design and fashion.

We are located in Ubrique, a small town situated in the province of Cádiz, in the South of Spain. It is famous by its long tradition as exclusive and high quality leather goods manufacturers.

We are manufacturers from 1984, and currently we offer different ranges that show our careful making, our customers trust, the design, quality in all the products, the expert selection of materials, and our tough quality controls.

All this, allow us to thank our customers with pride their faith on us, and for appreciating something we understand as ART. To get that quality, prestige and competitiveness, we need a continuous, innovative and creative work that is what we use everyday. Only that way, we can offer a product with such characteristics higher to their prices.

After 30 years of experience makes Real Leather Studio to be a great reference in high quality leather goods world.

Passion for Art. Passion for Leather.

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