Real Leather Studio is in fashion in Sweden. The Julklappstips magazine, one of the most famous magazines in fashion and accessories of the country, shows in its special Christmas edition magazine, some of our different high quality leather goods. This is the third time that this important magazine uses pictures of our high quality leather goods. We are very pleased that this country appreciate the Spanish handcrafted items so much, and more in particular the leather goods handmade by our craftsmen in Ubrique.

You will find a long catalogue in its pages, where it shows different high quality items which comes from different places in the world. It also contains news about the current tendencies, interviews with Swedish and European designers, and pictures about displays made in Sweden.

Real Leather Studio in Julklappstips

Real Leather Studio in Julklappstips


Real Leather Studio is in the Swedish market from 10 years ago, and we love that our high quality leather goods are appreciated there, since they are a very important and tough market about quality in products. It is always nice for a company to be recognized their products in a foreign country, and especially well accepted each year. We hope to continue for many more years selling our products in central Europe because we love internationalize and export all our art works.