Innovation Factory, an initiative of the Council of Cadiz and the School of Industrial Organization (EOI in Spanish) has as main objective the intensive training companies in product innovation, corporate finance, skills enhancement and internationalization of sales.  On it, companies choose the most significant challenge for their company at that time and using learning sessions and workshops challenge, but also working together with specialist consultants and mentors are able to approach and achieve their goals.

Real Leather Studio Factoria de Innovacion

In a globalized world with high demands in terms of competitiveness and agility to put products on the market is vital to move much too quickly, and innovation is the answer to most of the challenges of this 2.0 world in which the companies live. Therefore, the objectives of this program are outlined in the following areas:

  • Training of companies in the latest tools of innovation and creativity, design innovative business models and design thinking
  • Achieve accelerate the development and growth of SMEs
  • Increase the capacity of networking companies, as well as their level of business cooperation
  • Increase competitiveness and knowledge of the dynamics of the global market
  • Developing skills
  • Development of knowledge in sectoral and cross-sectoral trends

How were the companies involved? They have been companies related by 75% to creative industries and 80% of Ubrique, involving more than 200 people on staff (of which almost 60% women) and revenues by 82% below 500,000 euros and 18% higher than this amount.
The challenges we have faced were probably related to the main average needs of businesses in our country: 31% were issues related to the development or enhancement of your brand, marketing and sales, 27% required presence on the Internet or E-commerce and 19% to issues of processes or organizational improvements. To reach them a powerful diagnostic of the company was necessary, particularly in aspects of differentiation / innovation


And how have we faced this challenge? The methodology used to develop the same has been “Design Thinking”, allowing companies a methodological approach but also to foster an innovative approach in solving their problems. So we’ve also had a team of professionals gorgeous as were José Antonio Cano and Paco Bedmar, plus a luxury of successful entrepreneurs who shared the keys to its success with all participants, as Diego de Vicente, CEO of Modalia .


The successful development of this project has smiled at most companies, even when deadlines have been very demanding and therefore the effort involved considerable, but above all, all have addressed the problems and challenges that prevented takeoff from a distinct and methodological perspective. It is noteworthy for Real Leather Studio (, who have created a wonderful website to publicize its line of high-end products related to golf, so they have a showcase to the world needed for growth. And for those who doubt the ability of our youth, Jesus Moreno Sánchez, the representative of the company has an extensive preparation, great maturity and above all a healthy and brave ambition to grow and improve its only twenty-four years.

Not only him. The smile with which we started this post, caused the ability and desire to grow, to improve, to beat the competition they had this great group of businessmen. In large distances one needs to know your destination and plan how to get, but above all have good and stimulating companions and I could not have imagined at the beginning other better

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