Black Sunday Leather Golf Bag



It is functional and at the same time, it has elegance that make it more attractive for golf lovers. Manufactured by combining orange canvas with black spanish cowskin leather. Handmade by our skilled craftsmen in Ubrique. This design has been made to be used specially in Sundays rounds with your friends, or to travel with your luggage in any kind of transport you use. 

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If offer you security and at the same time, it impresses people for its beautiful and high quality design. You will have a more than a functional and attractive golf bag since it can be made in high quality leather combined with canvas. 

All the leather golf bags and luxury leather goods are totally handmade by our expert craftsmen in Ubrique (Spain), by using the highest quality materials and leathers of the market. All the high quality leather goods made by Real Leather Studio pass through the highest quality control. Characteristics:

- Opening of rounded 13 cms.

- Frontal Buckle pocket. 

- Accessory for your umbrella.

- Padded bandolier to hang it on you when using it. 

- Handle for an easier movement.

Colour: Orange / Black

Quality: Canvas / Leather

Weight: 2,010 kg 

Measures: 13 x 80 cm

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