From COPE, the famous Spanish radio channel, and more specifically from the “COPE CHIC” programme, we were contacted inquiring about our exclusive leather golf bags. The main function of this programme is to present Spanish companies, and promote slogan “Made in Spain” among the listeners. The name Real Leather Studio will always be joined to innovation and internationalization, and we cannot imagine a better way to present worldwide by making an interview our Technical Operations, Jesus Moreno Sánchez, through a radio programme on the COPE channel.


The interview was conducted by Leticia Fontan and Lola Cabrera, and it reviewed all kinds of topics, from the creation of the company in 1984 to the different designs of leather golf bags we have in the market, the discussion of the raw materials we use to manufacture our exclusive leather items, and of course, our internationalization among other things.



As you well known, our professional concerns and even being in one of the main destinations of Golf World, brought us to create a line of products related to this fantastic sport. Therefore, in 1996 we developed a full line of leather accessories for Golf, making us the first company in the world, and getting great success on the Ryder Cup held in 1997 in Valderrama (Cádiz – Spain). Since then, we have been creating merchandise and customised items for different events and sponsors; and we are proud to be presented in major golf courses and to collaborate in various tournaments on the European Tour and American.

2807 red leather golf bag rls

Presentation of our company according to COPE CHIC: Chapter 136 “program dedicated to the sport: The golf bags Real Leather Studio and the perfect looks for going to the gym. But also, the citizens of Alchemy and the International Hand Care Day. Its location, Ubrique, it is an authentic privilege because, as you will remember, is the hub of leather goods in the world. This is the reason why all the leather goods, including golf have the maximum durability. All items are also handmade.”


To hear the interview click here (Language: Spanish)

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